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Finalists 2014

The shortlist for the 2014 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) has been revealed, following a two-day jury meeting in Rome, Italy. The 16 finalists come from 10 countries. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Lyon on 1 December 2014 at the Pollutec exhibition of environmental technologies in Lyon, France. The European Business Awards for the Environment are awarded to eco-innovation companies that successfully combine innovation, competitiveness and outstanding environmental performance.

The finalists were selected from 152 submissions, originating from 22 European Member States and candidate countries. The applicants represent the increasing environmental commitment of European businesses and their willingness to adopt eco-innovative practices, despite the current economic climate.

This year’s entries come from a number of fields, including healthcare, financial services, and the food and drink and automotive sectors. The highest number of entries was in the product and services category. The European Business Awards for the Environment finalists, for which project descriptions can be viewed here, are:

The Management Award
Portugal Estonia
Company: WerroWool
Size: Micro
Project: WerroWool Cellulose Fibre
Portugal Ireland
Company: University College Cork
Size: Major Corporation
Project: The Green Campus Programme
Portugal Turkey
Company: VitrA (Eczacibasi)
Size: Major Corporation
Project: Blue Life Integrated Sustainability Management System
France United Kingdom
Company: The Bay
Size: SME
Project: The Bay Fish & Chips, Stonehaven
The Product Award
Austria Belgium
Company: EcoNation
Size: SME
Project: Lighten the energy bill
Germany Netherlands
Company: PerfoTecBV
Size: SME
Project: PerfoTec: Smart solutions for extending the shelf life of fruit and vegetables
Germany United Kingdom
Company: Vegware
Size: SME

Vegware Vegware – zero waste food packaging

The Process Award
Germany Germany
Company: Daimler AG
Size: Major Corporation
Project: CO2 reduction and lightweight construction for combustion engines
Germany Luxembourg
Company: Paul Wurth SA
Size: Major Corporation
Project: Dry Slag Granulation with Energy Recovery
Germany Netherlands
Company: OCI Nitrogen
Size: Major Corporation
Project: COOL
The International Business Cooperation Award
Finland Belgium
Company: Umicore NV/SA
Size: Major Corporation
Project: WorldLoop & Umicore: Closing the e-Waste Loop
Finland Estonia
Company: AusDesign OU
Size: Micro
Project: UpShirt
Finland Netherlands
Company: Interface Netherland BV
Size: Major Corporation
Project: Net-Works
The Business & Biodiversity Award
United Kingdom France
Company: Andromede Oceanologie
Size: Micro
Project: Donia
United Kingdom France
Company: SM2 Solutions Marine
Size: Micro
Project: "Graines de Mer" / "Sea Seeds"
United Kingdom Spain
Company: Red Electrica de Espana S.A.U. (REE)
Size: Micro
Project: Birds and electricity transmission lines: mapping of flight paths