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Welcome to the official web-site of the Youth European Council of Ministers, the forum established by the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment in early-2001. The YECM concept provides young Europeans with the opportunity to express directly their views on matters affecting the world in which they are living.

The first-ever YECM Council, held in Brussels on Saturday 28 April 2001, was judged by all to be such a success that the Commission agreed to make this forum a regular half-yearly event. Held in a conference hall at the European Commission's Charlemagne building, the Council proceedings were supported by a team of interpreters covering the 11 EU languages, with closed-circuit TV for viewers outside.

The comment of one of the delegations' co-ordinators reflects the general reaction of the participants: "Educationally I thought the event was as near perfection as could be. My students and I had a fantastic time; we would not have changed one second of the experience."

The present web-site provides you with details of the upcoming events in the YECM programme and also gives you the opportunity to dialogue with one another on any aspects of Europe's environment that concern you.

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Contact the secretariat of the Youth Environment Council of Ministers at

Youth Council
10 December 2001


Youth Council
19 April 2002


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