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Development of the TREMOVE environment and transport model

As part of the Clean Air for Europe programme (C.A.F.E.), DG Environment is developing the TREMOVE transport model. This will be an important tool in the design of Community air pollution and climate change policies covering the transport sector.

TREMOVE is a policy assessment model, designed to study the effects of different transport and environment policies on the emissions of the transport sector. The model estimates for policies as there are road pricing, public transport pricing, emission standards, subsidies for cleaner cars etc. the transport demand, modal shifts, vehicle stock renewal and scrappage decisions as well as the emissions of air pollutants and the welfare level.

The first version of TREMOVE (pdf ~240K) was developed in 1998-99 in the context of the Second European Auto-Oil Programme, and covered 9 countries from EU-15. Based on the assessment of the TREMOVE model Environment Directorate-General decided to develop the TREMOVE model further. Based on an open call for tender, the University of Leuven and Transport & Mobility Leuven were selected to carry out the development together with several other European research and consulting institutions.

The second version of TREMOVE will cover 21 countries: EU-15, Switzerland, Norway, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia (The four new Member States have been selected on the basis of data availability). The model includes all inland urban and interurban transport modes, and includes also maritime transport in North Sea, English Channel, Irish Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean as well as air transport for each country.

For further details on how the TREMOVE model will be developed in consultation with stakeholders, see the terms of reference for the development project de(pdf~70K) and visit the TREMOVE web-site.

What's new?

The Lot 1 of the development project has finalised: the draft model and baseline (version 2.0) are available on the TREMOVE web-site.

Lot 2, including a broad stakeholder consultation, is on-going:

        Two Contact Group meetings will take place to discuss the draft model and baseline, on 27-28 May 2004 (Transport Demand and Vehicle Stock modules) and 21 June 2004 (Emissions module)

        An upgrade to the latest available emission factors (Copert III) will be subject of TREMOVE version 2.1 in June.

        The baseline data will be updated with the results of the contact group consultations and will result in a new TREMOVE version 2.2 in September.


Contact information
For further information, please contact the team responsible for the development of the TREMOVE model. For general inquiries, please contact

Jacques Delsalle
Environment DG
Unit ENV.C.1 Air and Noise

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