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'Land and soil degradation post Rio+20'poster

The Environment Directorate-General of the European Commission has organised a conference on 'Land and soil degradation post Rio+20' in Brussels on 16 November 2012. The conference was preceded by an afternoon session on 15 November at the European Parliament, hosted by Sandrine Bélier, MEP.

The objective of these events was to discuss the European answer to the land and soil commitments made by world leaders in Rio+20. In fact, the outcome document The future we want of the Rio+20 conference underlines the economic and social significance of good land management, including soil. It also makes the point that land degradation (together with desertification and drought) is a challenge of a global dimension and that there is a need for urgent action to reverse land degradation, in particular achieving a land-degradation neutral world in the context of sustainable development.

The programme of the two days is available here. The presentations from the speakers are available below.

Thursday 15 November 2012- Event hosted by MEP Sandrine Bélier


Presentation (PDF Format)

Alan Belward

Toward a better understanding of land and soil degradation in Europe

Nathalie van Haren

The role of local organisations and communities to combat land and soil degradation
Speaking points

Arwyn Jones

An introduction to the first ever Soil Atlas of Africa

Friday 16 November 2012


Presentation (PDF Format)

Luc Gnacadja

From combating desertification to land degradation neutrality- Why shoul EU go land degradation neutral?
Speaking points

Ronald Vargas

How to achieve a land degradation neutral world?

Chris Vanden Bilcke

The viewpoint of UNEP on how to achieve land degradation neutral

Janez Potočnik

The viewpoint of the European Commission- Speaking points

Stefan Bringezu

Assessing global land use: balancing consumption with sustainable supply

Olivier De Schutter

Food challenges in the context of a 'land-degradation neutral world'

Luca Mercalli

A land-degradation neutral world: a Mediterranean perspective