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'Soil remediation and soil sealing'

On 10 and 11 may 2012, the Environment Directorate-General of the European Commission hosted a high-level conference on 'Soil remediation and soil sealing' in Brussels (Belgium).  

The conference was part of the European Commission's work in implementing the Soil Thematic Strategy (COM(2006) 231) it adopted in 2006. It aimed to highlight the importance of tackling soil contamination at an early stage and the opportunities created in the European remediation industry. Moreover, it underlined how addressing contaminated sites and brownfields can be helpful in limiting land take and soil sealing on fertile agricultural land.

The conference was also the occasion to present the recently published Soil Sealing Guidelines (SWD(2012)101). These guidelines are part of the Soil Thematic Strategy and will contribute to achieving the land take target proposed in the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe (COM(2011) 232.

The final programme is here. The presentations from the speakers are available below.

Thursday 10 May 2012


Presentation (PDF format)

Michel Schilling

The management of contaminated sites and the soil remediation industry in Denmark

Maria Neira

The World Health Organisation's Global Environmental Health Strategy

Mark Hodson

Soil pollution and its impact on soil life

Sabrina Freda

Soil remediation and urban regeneration in the Emilia-Romagna Region

Wilhelm Koenig

From industrial and coal mining area to new economic uses and cultural renaissance: the role of soil remediation in the Ruhr area

Arnaud Gossement

Soil contamination and the application of the polluter pays principle in France

Eddy van Dyck

The Soil Status Report and the contaminated land policy in Flanders

Julien Perez

The soil remediation industry in Europe: the recent past and future perspectives

Friday 11 May 2012


Presentation (PDF format)

Klaus Töpfer

Soil degradation, urban sprawl and food production: can we continue wasting fertile soils?

Stefan Bringezu

Global land use and soil management in a changing climate: a contribution from the International Resource Panel

Michael Warhurst

Europe's land imports and their impact on the rest of the world

Gundula Prokop

Land take and soil sealing: an overview of the EU situation

Ciro Gardi

The impact of land take and soil sealing on the EU's ability to produce food

Luca Marmo

The Soil Sealing Guidelines: a document of the Commission services to improve land management in the EU

Agnes Kelemen

The opportunity offered to urban regeneration by the Cohesion Policy funds post 2013

See pictures of the conference here.