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Sustainable Use of Pesticides

Legal Framework

Thematic Strategy -Background
Thematic Strategy - Development - 1st step
Thematic Strategy - Development - 2nd step
Results Final Public Consultation: The sustainable use of pesticides in Europe


On 1 July 2002, the European Commission adopted a Communication "Towards a Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides" COM (2002) 349

The concept of thematic strategies was introduced in the (6EAP) and should be seen as a complement to the full implementation and review of the effectiveness of the existing legal framework.

The Communication follows the mandate given by the European Parliament and the Council in the framework of the 6th Environmental Action Programme (6EAP) to develop seven thematic strategies for priority environmental problems.

The Communication is mainly based on the results of a two-phase study programme conducted in co-operation with the Dutch authorities since 1992. Recent reports complemented the basic analysis work for this communication. All documents can be obtained at:  Sustainable Use of  (PPPs) - Historical Development.