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Events archive: 2016

January 2016
18-19 Meet LIFE at the 13th International Conference on Biofuels Berlin, Germany
26 Official launch of LIFE Integrated Projects Brussels, Belgium
February 2016
04 Final workshop on eco-efficient dry wool scouring Barcelona, Spain
04-05 LIFE AIRUSE meeting on urban air quality Valencia, Spain
22 Open innovation for sustainability conference Munich, Germany
24 LIFE PETCYCLE to participate in plastic sorting workshop Brussels, Belgium
24-26 Meet LIFE at the World Sustainable Energy Days 2016 Wels, Austria
March 2016
16-18 Conference on beavers and the Water Framework Directive 6 Bonn, Germany
18-19 Final event of European mink conservation project Navarre, Spain
21 Opening conference for LIFE REWAT on sustainable management of water resources Tuscany, Italy
21 Explore the wonders of the Forêt Sèche in Réunion Réunion, France
21-24 Sustainable fruit production symposium Donja Stubica, Croatia
April 2016
08 Workshop on reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions Pisa, Italy
10 LIFE COLRECEPS event on the importance of recycling polystyrene Valladolid, Spain
11 LIFE-Stymfalia workshop on business opportunities in Natura 2000 sites Stymfalia, Greece
18-19 LIFE AIRUSE final conference on urban air quality Barcelona, Spain
19-21 European workshop on Invasive Alien Plant species Budapest, Hungary
20 Workshop on green multi-modal journey planning Athens, Greece
29-30 Final event of Leopoldia project on coastal landscape regeneration Gela, Italy
May 2016
02-05 Central and Eastern Europe meeting on Invasive Alien Species Hortobágy, Hungary
03-04 Freshwater pearl mussel project's final conference Braemar, Scotland
04 LIFE in Quarries workshop on biodiversity Brussels, Belgium
04-06 Conference on payments for ecosystem services Lombardy, Italy
09-11 Workshop on Mediterranean forest management and Natura 2000 Luberon, France
11 Join the European Week for Waste Reduction Awards Brussels, Belgium
18-19 Final event for Life Cycle project in Wallonia Gembloux, Belgium
18-19 Crops for better soil: final conference Madrid, Spain
19-20 LIFE Nature Platform Meeting on wildlife poisoning Athens, Greece
21 Celebrating Natura 2000 Day in May 2016 Brussels & across Europe
23 Beyond Wood - forest ecosystems services policy conference Brussels, Belgium
23-25 Meet LIFE at the 3rd Symposium on Urban Mining and Circular Economy Bergamo, Italy
24-25 UK Water Platform Meeting Manchester, UK
25 Final conference for marine litter project SMILE Rome, Italy
25-28 Meet LIFE at ORBIT 2016 Heraklion, Greece
25 Italian agricultural climate project to hold final conference Brussels, Belgium
30/05-03/06 Green Week 2016: Time to get involved Brussels and across the EU
31 LIFE Best Awards at Green Week Brussels, Belgium
June 2016
01-03 Meet LIFE at the 6th European Sustainable Development Symposium  Granada, Spain
02 International conference on oil shale ash usage Tallinn, Estonia
13-17 Meet LIFE at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2016 Brussels, Belgium
15-16 Meet LIFE at the Simposio LIFE 2016 on soil contamination Madrid, Spain
15-17 LIFE platform meeting on restoration of sand dune habitats Zandvoort, Netherlands
15-18 ESSC conference on soil conservation Cluj Napoca, Romania
17 Come and join the first EU wide Info Day in Brussels Brussels , Belgium
21-24 LIFE networking workshop on fish and aquatic systems restoration Murcia, Spain
22 Final MinAqua workshop on environmentally-friendly car washes Girona, Spain
22 LIFE FoResMit information day on forest management Monte Morello Territorial Park, Italy
23-25 Meet LIFE at the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management Limassol, Cyprus
24 LIFE COBRA project conference on innovative green braking systems Stezzano, Italy
27-28 LIFE platform conference on waste management and the circular economy Milan, Italy
28-30 Military land conservation conference Nîmes, France
July 2016
14 Final conference for LIFE phosphorus wastewater recovery project  Madrid, Spain
18-20 Meet LIFE at the 3rd International Congress on Water, Waste and Energy Management Rome, Italy
20-22 Meet LIFE at the 2nd International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering Rome, Italy
August 2016
15-19 15th International Peat Congress Kuching, Malaysia
September 2016
07-09 Meet LIFE at the 9th Iberian Congress on Water Management and Planning Valencia, Spain
09-10 Spadefoot toad conference to be held in Germany Münster, Germany
13-14 URBANCOWS final conference on urban and coastal areas Pärnu, Estonia
13-14 Final conference for LIFE MED HISS project Turin, Italy
15-16 Seminar on restoration of Atlantic heaths and inland dunes Jutland, Denmark
19-23 LIFE at European Ecosystem Services 2016 conference Antwerp, Belgium
27-30 Meet LIFE at the 5th International Conference on Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management Chania, Greece
27 LIFE OFREA's final conference on efficient wastewater reuse San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain
27-28 Final seminar for LIFE PVCFreeBloodBag project Östersund, Sweden
28-30 Final conference of UC4LIFE river restoration project Lund, Sweden
29 Turning seaweed into dyes: LIFE SEACOLORS holds concluding event Bilbao, Spain
October 2016
04-06 Cumbria BogLIFE mid-term conference on restoring peatland Penrith, United Kingdom
05-06 Inter-LIFE Benelux annual meeting Poix St Hubert, Belgium
12 Committee of the Regions workshop: 'EU LIFE programme: A chance for green business – innovation and job creation preserving the environment' Brussels, Belgium
12-14 Bosland - Flanders' largest forest and nature project celebrates a decade of success Lommel, Belgium
13 LIFE+IPNOA workshop on climate change mitigation for agriculture and forestry Pisa, Italy
26 EESC hearing on LIFE and a greener Europe Brussels, Belgium
26-27 Meet LIFE at the European Forum on Eco-Innovation in Tallinn Tallinn, Estonia
27 LIFE BIOCOPACPlus food waste pilot plant launch event Cannetto Sull'Oglio, Italy
28 LIFE DIOXDETECTOR final event on airborne dioxins Paris, France
November 2016
03-04 Inter-LIFE Portugal annual meeting Bussaco, Portugal
03-04 Meet LIFE at the Renewable Energy and Products from Biomass and Waste workshop Seville, Spain
07-08 Inter-LIFE France annual meeting Ariege, France
07-08 LIFE HEALTHY FOREST workshop on sustainable forestry management Arkaute, Spain
07-10 Eurosite ecosystems conference Serres, Greece
08 LIFE projects technical conference on water, waste and the circular economy Manresa, Spain
08-10 LIFE PETCYCLE's plastic waste technology to be highlighted at packaging conference Barcelona, Spain
10 Workshop for local communities to benefit from the LIFE programme Ljubljana, Slovenia
11 Italian LIFE National Contact Point side event at COP22 Marrakech, Morocco
14-17 Meet LIFE at the 6th International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste Venice, Italy
14-20 LIFE RES MARIS featured at botanical garden celebration event Cagliari, Italy
15 LIFE AQUASEF workshop to showcase first eco-efficient aquaculture results Huelva, Spain
15 Final Cantabrian capercaillie seminar for UROGALLO CANTABRICO Ponga, Spain
19-27 European Week for Waste Reduction 2016 EU-wide
21 LIFE REBus event celebrates resource efficient business models London, UK
23-24 LIFE shore angling project to hold final conference Boulogne-sur-mer, France
24-25 LIFE PharmDegrade final conference on removing harmful pharmaceutical residues from waste water Ljubljana, Slovenia
30 Eurosite Natura 2000 Twinning Workshop Rotterdam area, the Netherlands
30-02/12 Life+ ForBioSensing PL conference to provide first results on Białowieża Forest monitoring Białowieża, Poland
December 2016
01 LIFE MERMAIDS workshop on reducing synthetic fibres in the marine environment Barcelona, Spain
02 LIFE MAPEC holds final conference on air quality Brescia, Italy
05 International workshop on introduced tree species in European forests Brussels, Belgium
08 LIFE NGO Discussion & Networking Seminar Brussels, Belgium
15 Workshop on advances in coppice management Genoa, Italy

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