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Legal Enforcement

Seventh Annual Survey on the Implementation and Enforcement of Community Environmental Law 2005

SEC(2006) 1143, Commission Staff Working Paper

The Seventh Annual Survey, which covers the year 2005, follows on previous Surveys by providing up-to-date information on the state of application of Community environmental law.

The Survey:

  • describes the implementation of environmental legislation during 2005 (Chapter I)
  • illustrates the developments of infringement cases in each sector of Community environmental law during 2005 (Annex I)
  • lists the national transposition measures notified by each Member State for directives whose implementation was due in 2005 (Annex II).

It also includes a scoreboard (Annex III) that shows the number of non-communication, non-conformity and bad application cases per Member State and per sector.

The foreword and the full contents of the Survey are available by clicking the following links/language icons.