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Human Biomonitoring

Human Biomonitoring is an effective tool to assess human exposure to environmental pollutants and potential health effects of such pollutants and it is an essential element in a strategy aiming to integrate health and environment. Biomarker data are considered more relevant for risk assessment than are extrapolations from chemical concentrations in soil, water, air or food.

Human Biomonitoring has been defined in the preparation of the Environment and Health Action Plan as "monitoring activities in human beings, using biomarkers, that focus on environmental exposures, diseases and/or disorders and genetic susceptibility, and their potential relationships".

In the framework of Action 3 of the European Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010, the European Commission committed “to develop in close cooperation with the Member States a coherent approach to Human Biomonitoring in Europe and to launch a EU Pilot Project to test out the feasibility of such a coordinated approach”.

The European Commission, supported by a multidisciplinary working group of Member States representatives (Implementation Group on Human Biomonitoring) and by an Expert team to Support BIOmonitoring (ESBIO) is preparing an EU Pilot Project, to be launched by the end of 2006.

Further details can be consulted on the HBM website

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31 March 2006 :
ESBIO Conference, Lodz , Poland : "Utility and sensitivity of biomarkers"

19th May 2006 :
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6-7 December 2006:
Workshop in Brussels : "Human Biomonitoring: ethics and data interpretation"