LIFE projects

  • European Landowners' Organization (ELO)

    Stand: LIFE area


    The European Landowners' Organization (ELO) is a unique federation of 67 national associations across the EU which represents the interests of landowners, rural managers and entrepreneurs at the European level. ELO aims to promote a sustainable and prosperous countryside through private owners´ activities and family businesses. European rural territories cover over 90 % of the EU27's land area. Therefore, a balanced development of aforesaid areas in line with the development of European urban areas is an essential key element to create a competitive and truly sustainable «Economic Future of Europe». While pursuing its goals ELO takes into account the climate change and the sustainable use of natural resources.

  • ARPA Emilila-Romagna, LEGACOOP, INDICA, Regione Emilia-Romagna

    Stand: LIFE area

    AQUA Project

    The AQUA project aims at innovating the productive processes of the agri-food businesssector to reduce water consumption. The objective will be achieved through a privatepublic partnerships, between ARPA and Emilia-Romagna Region (as public) and Legacoop, Indica and agri-food business (private sector).

    Project coordinating beneficiary

    ARPA Emilia-Romagna


    Arpa (the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection in the Emilia-Romagna region) is a public institution that gives technical support to regional, district and local authorities on environmental policy, with the function of monitoring and modelling the various environmental components; management and surveillance of the environmental and territorial impacts of human activities; activities relevant to environmental impact assessment of plans and projects; creation and management of the regional environmental information system; drafting of soil, water and air quality improvement plans; research relevant to the development of environmental protection issues in production cycles (Life Cycle Assessment, Best Available Techniques, etc).

    Partners beneficiary

    Emilia-Romagna Region

    Emilia-Romagna Region

    In coherence with the guidelines of European Union and the most recent national legislation, the Water Protection and Restoration Unit carries out activities of analysis, planning, management and monitoring of the sustainable water management policies of Emilia-Romagna. The Water Protection and Restoration Unit supports the Regional Government guaranteeing the availability of the water resource and its quality for maintaining the aquatic life, the quality of human life, and all uses related to economic activities. Water saving and conservation, water demand-side management and pollution control, together with innovative infrastructural facilities, represent the core approach of Emilia-Romagna environmental policies.

    Indica srl
    Indica srlIndica is a strategic consulting company established in 2007 by economists, engineers, experts of accountability and sustainability. It provides local authorities and private businesses with innovative accountability services, instruments of environmental, carbon and water management, support to the process for carbon neutrality, corporate social responsibility, GPP and sustainable consumption and production. Indica designs and implements innovative instruments of environmental governance and management, targeted to sustainability, quality and wellnes

    Legacoop agroalimentare NI
    Legacoop agroalimentare NILegacoop Agroalimentare Nord Italia is the territorial association of cooperatives that involves Piemonte, Lombardia, Friuli Venezia Giulia
    and Emilia Romagna regions. It involves 360 cooperatives with about 82,000 members and 12,000 employees with sales value approximately EUR 5.1 million. The district for Legacoop aims to organize the cooperatives' capital invested in industrial processing facilities that have succeeded in recent years in giving the best answers. This district has the natural basis of action the Po Valley, with its inherent characteristics of the great production and processing area of the national agribusiness, where heavily intensive and industrialized productions co-exist with realities that make the territorial presence and the development of local products their main activity.

    Legacoop ER
    Legacoop ERLegacoop Emilia Romagna is the eldest organisation that represents cooperative companies in the Emilia Romagna region. It unites 1.500 in various sectors (industrial, agricultural and service sectors), 2.525.500 members and 156.000 employees. Legacoop Emilia Romagna represents the cooperatives in dealings with the authorities, other business organisations and workers' trade unions, promotes cooperatives and backs up their establishment and development, driving toward innovation and internationalization. Finally it ensures that cooperative principles are respected in the various cooperatives and that the Table

    Legacoop agroalimentare
    The National Association of Agri-Food Cooperatives represents cooperative companies present in all Italian regions operating in different sectors of the agri-food industry: production, processing, marketing, supply services and technical means for businesses. In particular, Legacoop Agroalimentare promotes, represents, assists, safeguards and coordinates associated cooperatives, to encourage their development in modern and efficient enterprises. Its economic program within the more general framework of UE aims to develop the current european model of agriculture and increase its competitiveness. Legacoop Agroalimentare is member of COPA-COGECA, the first European organization representing the interests of farmers and their cooperatives, and member of ICAO, the international organization of agricultural cooperatives.

  • Water Research to Market

    Stand: LIFE area

    The demonstrative Water RtoM project aims to speed-up the transfer of research outputs to implementers, with a targeted time of 3 - 5 years by filling the gap between the research and existing technology transfer schemes by pro-actively searching, assessing and promoting research outputs.

  • Footwear Technological Institite (INESCOP)

    Stand: LIFE area


    INESCOP, the Spanish Technological Institute for Footwear and Related Industries, is an independent service organisation. INESCOP began its activities in 1971 and works on testing and assurance of quality, study of materials, development and incorporation of advanced technologies, environment, industrial design, fashion trends and applied research in general.

  • MTT Agrifood Research Finland

    Stand: LIFE area


    MTT is a leading research institute developing sustainability and competitiveness of the food system. We produce and disseminate scientific research information and transfer technology.

    Five research areas:
    1. Sustainable and competitive food production
    2. Responsible food chain - better consumer well-being
    3. Environmental-friendly agriculture
    4. Green economy opportunities
    5. Smartly from renewable resources

  • Comarca de Los Monegros

    Stand: LIFE area

    Comarca de Los Monegros

    The CREAMAgua Project of the Life+ program creates and enlarges wetlands in the Monegros region (Spain). The main objective of this project is to reduce the discharge of fertilizers coming from the crops into the river Flumen flow,as well as increasing regions biodiversity.