4.9 "The bio-economy: food security & the sustainable management of bio-resources" in partnership with DG Research and Innovation

26 May - 16.30 - 18.00

JENK room

Food security, climate change, healthy living and energy efficiency are all specific societal challenges tackled by the bio-based economy, and they all have an impact on innovation and growth. The bio-based economy - now worth around €2 trillion and supplying over 20 million jobs in Europe - aims to create an overarching framework for policies to help ensure food security and the sustainable management of biological resources. The bio-based economy is recognised as a key component of both the Innovation Union and Resource Efficient Europe flagship initiatives of Europe 2020. The Commission aims to adopt a Communication entitled a "European Strategy and Action plan towards a sustainable bio-based economy by 2020" by the end of this year. With the participation of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and EU-funded research projects, this session will be an opportunity to review key objectives and actions at a European and national level.