Małgorzata Górska

Important Birds Area Casework Officer, OTOP/BirdLife partner, Poland
Małgorzata Górska

Małgorzata GÓRSKA get involved in “Via Baltica campaign” in 2002. Since the beginning she worked in NGOs coalition consisted with OTOP – the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds, Polish Green Network/Bankwatch and WWF. As Via Baltica campaign coordinator at WWF Poland and then as IBA Casework Officer at OTOP, she monitored planned road projects and other plans and project potentially affecting Natura 2000 site and intervened in case of breaching EU nature directives or domestic nature conservation legislation.

Her NGOs coalition managed to develop a legal case against the Polish government on Via Baltica expressroad construction, coordinated research into the environmental impacts and raised public awareness of the irreparable damage it would cause to the area and its wildlife. By submitting a complaint to the European Commission, an official infringement procedure was opened and finally the EC referred the case to the European Court of Justice. By taking the case to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament, their objections to the road building were adopted by the European Parliament which also called for construction to stop and study the alternative routes.

 Eventually the Polish government decided in 2009 to change the route of Via Baltica expressroad accordingly to the Strategic Environmental Assessment’s recommendations. The key Natura 2000 sites (including Rospuda Valley) will be bypassed by this international road.

Małgorzata Górska was awarded with the Goldman Environmental Prize - frequently referred to as the Nobel Prize for the environment - in 2010 for leading this successful campaign.

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