Mr Pavan Sukhdev

Managing Director & Head - Global Markets, Deutsche Bank India, and Director, Green Accounting for Indian States Project (GAISP) of the Green Indian States Trust (GIST)

Pavan Sukhdev is an experienced manager of businesses dealing with financial markets. He has worked for Deutsche Bank since 1994 in several capital markets trading & sales management roles, based in Singapore, London and India. At present he heads Deutsche Bank's Global Markets business in India, where in 2006 he set up "GMC" (Global Markets Centre) in Mumbai, an off-shore subsidiary of Deutsche Bank which does cutting-edge work for Global Markets in London and New York.

Pavan was deeply involved in the evolution of India's currency & interest rate derivative markets in the mid-nineties, working with India's regulators and market participants. He championed the introduction of Indian Rupee "Overnight Index Swaps", which have since grown to be India's most liquid interest rate market.

Pavan pursues long-standing interests in nature conservation and environmental economics through his work with two NGOs in India. He co-founded the Green Indian States Trust (GIST) and its "Green Accounting for Indian States Project" to set up an economic framework to measure Sustainability at state level for India, by accounting holistically for forests, fresh water, agriculture, health and education. He also chairs Conservation Action Trust (CAT), which is one of India's leading nature conservation NGOs.

In his spare time, Pavan runs a boutique for eco-tourism and a rainforest restoration project in the faraway highlands of North Queensland in Australia.