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VISIONS - European young people towards sustainability

  1. To promote at a European level how the empowerment of the subsidiarity principle by some "strong" European Regions (Lombardy, Catalonia, Bavaria) should contribute to realising European environmental policy. In this way the policies of the European Union are concretely known and taken on board by the young through local active involvement in good practices in schools, environmental centres and youth associations.

  2. To lead Environment Education in overcoming the stage of mere minority witnessing, arriving instead at creating a wide social consensus on the matter of sustainable development thanks to the dissemination of good practice guides on Local Agenda 21.

  3. To spur a "federalist" sensitivity about environment and sustainable development within the European systems of big broadcasting networks.

  4. To define what constitutes 'good quality' and 'educational television' for children and young people in the subject of environment and sustainability and to develop indicators and an implementation plan. Television must be seen especially as a means of ensuring that children's and young people's voices are heard and shared by all.

  5. To involve at local levels the countries of central and eastern Europe in a discussion about the above.


Proposed structure of each broadcast

  1. The challenge of sustainability in general and Local Agenda 21. Description of the importance at a European level of the specific problem treated: analysis and data by European Environment Agency. Illustration of this problem and of the main reasons behind it at the level of one of the involved regions. Visual aspects: television reportage and journalistic reports.

  2. Suggestions for citizens. Ways of tackling the issues at hand. Visual aspects: Graphic.

  3. Presentation of significant experiences and success stories, with special attention being paid to the positive actions of Local Agenda 21 realised within schools and outside, and whose protagonists have been the young. Visual aspects: Factual educational and children’s production.

  4. Description of the policies on sustainability in force on the matter. Comparison with the norms in force in the other partner countries/regions and comparison with the orientations of the European Union. Visual aspects : Graphic and/or animation

So, one workshop for operators will take place during the project to discuss the progress of the programs between the steering committee of the project and regional institutions, broadcasters, schools and youth associations of Alpe Adria regions coming from Central and Eastern Europe.

  1. To increase awareness and influence the actions of children, young people and schools and to create and implement local Agenda 21 programmes, promoting educational and training programmes.

  2. To promote other activities planned by the regions

  3. The strengthening of the interregional co-operation between Lombardy, Catalonia and Bavaria on this subject, which has taken place till now through the development of the life experiences directly experienced by the young and the pedagogic innovations in the school.

  4. To continue to co-operate with the main public broadcasting stations carrying out in the future a stronger co-production.

  5. The definition of a methodology and a network-like organisation model between regions and broadcasting stations, repeatable and also transferable.

  6. An agreement between regional decision-makers and broadcasting corporations about rules and indicators of quality in making television programmes for children and young people concerning environmental problems.