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EU Environmental Technology Verification

Please visit the website for ETV, developed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, who is providing technical and scientific support to the EU-ETV. In this website you will find updated information and news and the registry of verified technologies. It will be soon replaced by a new one. We will keep you posted.


What's new ?


Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a new tool to help innovative environmental technologies reach the market.  The problem at the moment is that many clever new ideas that can benefit environment and health are not taken up simply because they are new and untried.

Under ETV, claims about innovative environmental technologies can be verified – if the 'owner' of the technology so wishes –  by qualified third parties called 'Verification Bodies'. The 'Statement of Verification' delivered at the end of the ETV process can be used as evidence that the claims made about the innovation are both credible and scientifically sound.

The EU Environmental Technology Verification pilot programme is trying out ETV on a large scale with volunteer organisations and Member States.

Are you...


To contact the European Commission ETV team or ask for more information,
please send an e-mail to: