Green Paper on greenhouse gas emissions trading within the European Union

COM (2000)87

(Comments received to the Green Paper, together with a Summary, are at the bottom of this page)

The Green Paper builds upon a number of elements that have already been covered in previous Commission Communications. These are:

  1. to start a limited emissions trading scheme by 2005 within the Community to enable "learning-by-doing" prior to the Kyoto Protocol’s emissions trading (from 2008);

  2. to start with carbon dioxide, the most easily and accurately monitored of the greenhouse gases;

  3. the actors most suited to start emissions trading are large fixed point sources, which account for almost half of Community CO2 emissions; and,

  4. to ensure compatibility between any Community scheme and emissions trading under the Kyoto Protocol.

In all other respects, the Green Paper leaves options open, although makes a good case for a strong Community role. Each section that discusses options is closed by a number of questions that interested Parties are asked to reply to. The questions focus on which sectors should be included initially in any Community emissions trading system? What level of diversity is possible between Member States? How should allocations be made to companies within the emissions trading system? How compatible is emissions trading with other policies and measures? And what are the respective roles for the Community and the Member States in ensuring robust compliance and enforcement?

Interested parties are invited to comment before 15 September 2000.

Press release

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Full text of the communication

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