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CAFE baseline dissemination workshop

Monday, September 27, 2004

Hendrik Conscience building, Room "Hadewych", Koning Albert II laan 15, Brussels

Purpose: DG Environment will hold a dissemination workshop of the CAFE baseline results. The workshop will provide an opportunity to all stakeholders to obtain first hand information on the CAFE baseline projections to better understand the common starting point for the analysis on further emission control legislation in Europe. The purpose of the workshop is to inform what the environmental and health impacts of the air quality in the EU are projected to be up to 2020 if current legislation is implemented. The results of the review of the RAINS model will also be presented in that workshop. There will naturally be an opportunity to seek clarification of the results.

Participation: The workshop is open to up to 200 participants representing the different stakeholders. It is envisaged that about half of participants would come from EU Member States. The rest will be representatives from industry, non-governmental organisations and academia.

No fees are required for participation. Some funds exist for covering the costs of key speakers and key participants.  DG Environment will reimburse travel expenses for one national representative per Member State according to the standard rules.