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Members of the Climate Broadcasters Network - Europe


Jaroslaw Kret Mr. Jaroslaw Kret, Weather presenter - TVP1 - CBN-E Core Group Member

Jaroslaw Kret studied egyptology and cross-cultural relations at Warsaw University . For 15 years, he has been working for Polish national television, and he was an anchor for the popular news programme ‘Teleexpress’. Then over a five-year period, he made more than 150 television shows as a host and 20 TV documentaries on geographical, cross-cultural and ecological topics.

For three years, he has been on the editorial staff of the Polish edition of National Geographic Magazine. He also works as a photo-journalist with the magazine.

In 2002, he began working as weather-forecast journalist and TV-presenter on Polish national television. He won many awards, being considered as the most popular weather-forecast presenter.

He wrote and published a book on weather and different approaches to weather-forecasting all over the centuries and all over the world based on his experience from working as a weather-forecast journalist. He has also published a photographic album. Currently, he is working on his next book and photographic album.

Since 1999, Jaroslaw has been a member of the Explorers Club in New York , as a Fellow International.


Mr Marek Horczyczak, Meteorologist - radio and TV POLSAT weather presenter

Mr Horczyczak has worked as a weather presenter for TV POLSAT (Poland's first private television company) for the past 14 years and, since 1996, has been head of the weather forecast section. He presented the weather reports and led mid-morning discussions on the first Polish talk radio, TOK – FM, for 3 years. He is the author of many proverbs related to weather (amusing or serious) which he uses in programs.
He was the first in Poland to provide information on what influence weather can have on a persons' frame of mind -BIOMET and wind-chill. This deals with the propagation of ecology and a healthy lifestyle.
He has assisted in the production of, and participated on, about 300 episodes of an ecological TV program called “Company of White Eagle”. The program was targeted towards the young and explained about nature and ecological behaviour.
He is a master and instructor of Chinese martial arts, especially tai chi and is head of the Tai Chi Warsaw Center. He has prepared two program series called: 'Relaxation with Tai Chi for TV POLSAT which teaches self defence, relaxation, concentration, massage and promotes a healthy lifestyle. In 2003 he participated in Wushu World Championships in Macau, (first 20 of the World).
Mr Horczyczak is currently a weather presenter for a new channel of TV POLSAT.

"I decided to join this Network because I love nature. And I understand that raising awareness on climate change is important to demonstrate what will happen with nature, with people, and with the world if climate change is not stopped.I communicate climate change by TV and radio.In my programs I tell people why and what we can do to save the earth and protect nature."



Katarzyna Trzaskalska


Ms. Katarzyna Trzaskalska, Meteorologist - TV1

She is a weather forecaster. Now she works in public TV Channel 1
Earlier she worked in the private TV TVN and TV Puls where she organised weather department.

Tomas Zubilewicz Mr. Tomas Zubilewicz, Meteorologist - TVN

Tomas Zubilewicz holds a master's in geography from Warsaw University . Today, he works for one of the private polish television stations: TVN. He has been working as a weather presenter for 12 years.

He is the author of a book ' Poland for a good and bad weather'  (in Polish) which contains many interesting geographical, weather and climate-related facts. This is the first guide of this kind published in Poland .

In 2007, he received an award 'Golden Pen' from the Croatian Chamber of Tourism for his reports about the weather and tourism in Croatia aired on Polish TV channels in 2006.


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