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Welcome to the Climate Broadcasters Network
- Europe

The Climate Broadcasters Network – Europe was established in the context of the pan-European Climate Change Campaign, which was launched by the European Commission in May 2006.

On 16 February 2007, more than 45 meteorologists and weather presenters from across the European Union met in Brussels to discuss how best to raise awareness on climate change amongst the broad public, and how best to communicate effectively, and in an understandable manner, the latest scientific results to citizens. As a follow up to this conference, it was decided to set up the Climate Broadcasters Network – Europe.

The main objective of this Network is to communicate to citizens the science of climate change; its impacts, adaptation and mitigation needs, in order to facilitate broad understanding of the various issues. For more details, see the network brochure or, for more details, the network charter.

The network members have also committed themselves to share best practice and information within the network. This website has been created to support the network in achieving this particular goal.

We believe that the joint efforts of network members will result in a better understanding of the complexity of climate change issues and  motivate European citizens to take both individual and collective actions aimed at mitigating it.

An overview of the latest activities of the different CBN-E members can be found here (state October 2009) .

A new brochure is regulary produced by the Secretariat. Please have a look at the newest version containing valuable information about the network.

Participants in Communicating Climate Change Conference

New CBN-E brochure online (July 2010)
Outcome of the 2nd CBN-E Annual Meeting and Collection of latest activities of CBN-E members
Next Core Group Meeting during Forum International de la Météo: 23 October 2009, Paris
New CBN-E brochure online (20 August 2009)
World Climate Broadcasts Forum in Geneva during CBN-E Annual Meeting - press release (12 May 2009)
Core group meeting in Brussels (20 June 2009)
Minutes now online
CBN-E Annual Meeting 2009 (31 August - 3 September) will be held during the World Climate Conference - 3, Geneva
Two articles on the CBN-E were published on the 'Climate change campaign' website
C3 Award - Climate Change Communication Award
Aimed at rewarding and promoting best practice communication
UN Climate Change Conference 2008 , Poznan, Poland
(1-12 December 2008)
Core group meeting in Brussels (8 Nov. 2008)
Minutes now online
Forum International de la Météo in Brussels (3-9 Nov. 2008)

Past events

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