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The purpose of the Working Group is to assist the Commission in the development of air quality related targets for the protection of human health and the environment. The Working Group will also give advice on issues related to policies and measures and their effect on air quality and other aspects of economic, societal and environmental development. The Working Group will work in close co-operation with the Working Group on Particulate Matter and the CAFE Steering Group.

Their main tasks are:

  • to assist in the initial setting of policy relevant air quality indicators for the Baseline scenarios and initial targets for Integrated Assessment  Modelling (IAM) for the enlarged EU for the years 2010, 2015 and 2020

  • to support the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the results of Integrated Assessment Modelling , including Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • to make recommendations for alternative model runs ("scenarios") for the Integrated Assessment Modelling

  • to assist in the analysis of the policies and measures related to the development of the thematic strategy and

  • to make recommendations for most appropriate options for consideration in the CAFE work programme, as well as for the final report of the CAFE programme.

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