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Particulate Matter (PM) is one of the major issues to be dealt with under the CAFE programme. Due to the specific concerns with regard to this pollutant it was decided to establish a CAFE working group to assist the Commission with updated solid expert information and views. This should include in particular information on the attainability of the PM10 limit values with regard to current concentrations. The Working Group should also give recommendations with regard to target setting for the integrated assessment. The Working Group will work in close co-operation with the Working Group on Target Setting and Policy Assessment (WG TSPA) as well as the CAFE Steering Group. As agreed upon by the CAFE Steering Group the group will work according to the following terms of reference.

Terms of reference for the Particulate Matter (PM) Working Group

With the aim of supporting the European Commission's review of the First Daughter Directive (DD) 1999/30/EC the group should:

  • Assess the air quality situation with regard to the PM limit values set in the DD;
  • Review the content of the Position Paper on PM published in 1997 with regard to information obtained since;
  • Collect together information on predictive studies on the attainability of the limit values, considering at the same time contributions from long-range transport and local sources.

With the aim of supporting the production of the CAFE thematic strategy the group should:

  • Consider the WHO work on health effects of PM with the aim of giving recommendations for targets for integrated assessment;
  • Review the results of the integrated assessment modelling work on PM.

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