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CAFE Steering Group meeting on 17-18 May 2004



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Documents sent to the participants of the meeting

Item 2 - Two Draft Baseline Scenarios for the Clean Air for Europe (CAFE) Programme

Item 3 - Meta-analysis of time-series studies and panel studies of Particulate Matter and Ozone -  Report of a WHO task group

Item 3 - Health Aspects of Air Pollution - answers to follow-up questions from CAFE

Item 4 - Possible measures to be analysed as part of the Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution (4 May 2004)

Item 5 - Guidance for the demonstration of equivalence of ambient air monitoring methods (final draft)

Item 5 - Second Position Paper on Particulate Matter

Item 5 - Streamlining data flows and reporting obligations relating to air quality and air pollutant emissions  -  What and how to report electronically through Reportnet (4 May 2004)

Item 5 - Progress towards targets for air pollutant emissions - Assessing national programmes and projections reported under the National Emission Ceilings Directive

Item 6 - Overview of the external studies and service contracts in the framework of the CAFE programme (5 May 2004)

Item 6 - Schedule of the Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution and  NEC Review in Relation to RAINS Model Development (5 May 2004)




Item 2 - Amann - Draft Baseline Scenarios for CAFE

Item 2 - Delsalle - TREMOVE draft baseline consistency check with PRIMES-RAINS draft baseline

Item 2 - Grennfelt - Review of the RAINS Integrated Assessment Model

Item 3 - Schneider - Key findings of air pollution health effects and its application

Item 4 - Zuber - The Thematic Strategy and the possible measures of action

Item 5 - Barkman - Reporting of National Programmes and Review of emission inventories

Item 5 - Jacobi - Different plans for measures under the AQ Framework Directive
Article 8(3) / Article 7(3)  - Clarification

Item 5 - Jacobi - Outline of draft Review of Directive 1999/30/EC

Item 5 - Jacobi - Possible future tasks for the WG on Implementation

Item 5 - Kobe - How to facilitate reporting - Electronic Reporting and Expert Group on Data Exchange - Information 

Item 6 - Froehlich - Information on AQUILA activities - an update

Item 6 - Gregor - Update on UNECE Working Group on Effects work plan

Item 6 - Kobe - Announcement for a Workshop on Plans and Programmes of Air Quality and National Emission Ceilings Directives, 1-2 September 2004

Item 6 - Zuber - CAFE workplan  

Item 6 - Zuber - WG Target Setting and Policy Assessment -  Progress made


All documents are in PDF format  80K ~ 2,4M

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