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CAFE Programme is being developed under the leadership of the CAFE Team of the Commission Environment DG. The team is assisted in this task by an Inter-Service Group composed of all relevant Commission services. This Inter-Service Group is also giving guidance to the impact assessment of the Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution.

CAFE Programme and other Air Quality Issues

Head of Unit. Mission statement: To develop the Thematic Strategy for air pollution in the framework of the new Clean Air for Europe (CAFE) programme and in co-operation with relevant international conventions. Implementation and review of existing directives on air quality and national emission ceilings, the further development of air quality objectives and indicators, prioritisation of sectoral emission reductions. To develop Community noise policy and to implement and review directives relating to environmental noise and to sources of environmental noise. To ensure full integration of relevant environmental concerns into all aspects of transport policy.




Better regulation and in particular follow up of the proposed Air Quality Directive.  Implementation of existing legislation. Technical assessment of complaints and infringement cases. Advice on horizontal legal issues.



Responsible for the coordination of the follow-up of the Thematic Strategy on air pollution. Also part of the team responsible for the implementation of the body of legislation on ambient air quality.



Monitoring of the implementation of the air quality directives, including: review of technical standards and their effectiveness, data quality issues (cooperation with ETC/ACC, AQUILA group), data exchange (Eol, Data exchange Group, cooperation with MS and EEA). Development of indicators modernisation and streamlining of reporting. Enlargement  issues in AQ.

Andrej KOBE


Contribution to the NEC review, co-operation with JRC/IPTS on emerging technologies; "Ex-post" evaluation in CAFE of short-term/local measures as well as european policies; potential measures to reduce emission from agriculture and small-scale combustion installations. Coordination of the development policies to reduce air pollution from small scale combustion and agriculture sectors. Public consultation on air pollution issues.



Assistant to Michel Sponar, Marco Gasparinetti, Andrej Kobe. Updates CAFE web-sites..



Fax: +32.2.2969554


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