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A study has been launched by DG ENV on the " Cost and environmental effectiveness of reducing air pollution for small-scale combustion installations": the objective of this assignment is to assist the European Commission to identify measures or packages of measures and emerging technologies allowing emission reduction from the small-scale combustion installations. Specifically, the environmental effectiveness and associated costs need to be assessed and reported in such a manner that the results can be directly used with the RAINS model.

The following tasks will be undertaken by the contractor:

  • An analysis of the existing inventories of emissions originating from the SCIs.
  • An inventory of existing measures allowing reducing emissions from SCIs including an evaluation of those measures.
  • An inventory of new and emerging technologies allowing the reduction of emissions from SCIs, including information on costs, emission reduction potential, to be inserted in the RAINS databases.
  • Proposals of scenarios to be tested up to 2020 with the objective of testing different options in the RAINS model and possible recommendations to be considered in the thematic strategy on air pollution.

The technical annex (pdf~130K) describing the work is available in English. The awarded offer (pdf~530K) is available in English.

The kick-off meeting was organised on the 7/1/2004. The final report (pdf~1,6Mb) is available in english and integrates executive summarises in German and French.


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