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"Ex-post" Evaluation in the CAFE Programme


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DG Environment has attributed two service contracts for the CAFE programme:

1. Assessment of the Effectiveness of European Air Quality Policies and Measures.

The objective of this contract is to support the Commission in the "ex-post" evaluation effort. This support will consist mainly of developing tools allowing an evaluation of the adequacy, effects and effectiveness of the EC legislation on the evolution of air quality in Europe and to compare the EU situation with other relevant countries. More specifically, the following goals are to be met by the work performed under the contract:


  1. The creation of a database summarising the main lessons to be taken from existing "ex-post" evaluations achieved by some Member States and the Commission.

  2. The establishment of a data base including a comprehensive comparison of the air quality, emission and product standards in European Member States, Accession Countries and in other comparable European Countries as well as other relevant countries. This database will also include an analysis actual compliance with the established standards.

  3. Interviews of key policymakers and decision-makers involved in the development of the European legislation on the factors determining the success or failure of European policies.

  4. Specific actions carried out in order to gather relevant information on the concrete application of transparency in the Members States both for air quality and emission data.

The technical annex describing the work is available in the following languages: de en fr (pdf~130K). The awarded offer  is available in English: en (pdf~360K).

The final report and the databases are accesible with the following link .

2. "Ex-post" Evaluation of Short-term and Local Measures in the CAFE Context.

The objective of this contract is to support the Commission in the evaluation of the short term and/or local measures taken in the enlarged Europe or in other similar countries in order to improve air quality. The added value of these local or short-term measures to other instruments applied at national or European level will be assessed. The service contract will also provide a tool to analyse the potential role of various instruments for local and/or short-term exceedeances. This support will consist in gathering relevant contacts and information (including an evaluation) on short-term and local measures, including an evaluation of their effectiveness. More specifically, the objective is to analyse the appropriateness, feasibility and effectiveness of short-term and/or local measures on specific emissions in order to reduce air pollution at specific times and/or places. This will be achieved through an inventory and an assessment of main experiences and an in depth analysis of a restricted number of representative and relevant cases according to pre-established common evaluation criteria.

The technical annex describing the work is available in de en fr (pdf~510K). The awarded offer is available in English: en (pdf~510K)

The final report is available as wel as the data base on the short term and local measures:

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