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The thematic strategies under the 6th Environmental Action Programme are - inter alia -building on research results. The approach is known as the knowledge-based approach.

The research activities and the results are integrated in several, if not all, of the CAFE programme lines of work. However, it is not possible to untangle exactly how and to what extent a particular project contributes to the CAFE programme. Nevertheless, a good understanding of the on-going research activities is important when the CAFE programme is performing the analyses and giving its integrated policy advice.

The European Community research programmes have generally supported the development of policies. A full description of the programmes and the projects is found on in the CORDIS database.

A number of research projects have been set up within the 5th FWP on RTD with a direct bearing on the CAFE programme.

Also, the new 6th FWP on RTD programme identifies the priority areas that are expected to have a bearing on the CAFE programme.

In addition to European Community RTD programmes national projects have a great importance to the CAFE programme.

The CAFE team has prepared a note to the file "CAFE and research needs". The note is based on presentations in the CAFE Steering group and comments received from stakeholders up to the end of 2004. The main headlines of priorities have been communicated to DG RTD earlier, and the detailed research needs will be communicated within shorly to DG RTD as priorities to be considered for future research in the 7th framework programme on RTD.

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