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Non-technical measures

This report presents the work of Working Group 5 "Non-technical measures" (WG5) in the second European Auto-Oil Programme (AOPII). AOPII was launched in Spring 1997 to develop cost-effective strategies allowing to meet the Community’s air quality targets for the year 2010. The programme is required to include an evaluation of the potential of non-technical measures to contribute to this objective.

WG5 considered a wide range of transport policy and management measures in

  • traffic management (including telematics and infrastructure improvement),
  • public transport, cycling and walking, as well as intermodality;
  • freight transport;
  • pricing measures, including road pricing;
  • turnover and modernisation of the vehicle park;
  • mobility and driver behaviour; and
  • land use policies.

The distinguishing feature of non-technical measures is that they are geared towards changing the behaviour of transport users, i.e. the choice to travel or to move goods, and the choice of transport mode, time of travel, driving behaviour, and type of vehicle owned. The reaction of transport users cannot be foreseen exactly, depends usually on local circumstances and may vary over time.

Full text of the report (pdf ~560K)