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Air Pollution

Valuation of Ecosystem Damage

2 euro coinAir pollution causes significant damage to human health and the environment, including the ecosystems. Presently the valuation of benefits of ecosystem changes due to air pollution has been very limited or non-existing. The future analysis of benefits of various policy options should be more complete and include the assessment of changes in the ecosystems (including the effects on biodiversity) and its (monetised) valuation.

The Commission has set up a contract with ECOLAS to give a future basis for better valuation of ecosystem damage in monetary terms.A workshop held in Brussels 21 of June 2007 held in cooperation with the Flemish Government addressed a number of key questions (pdf ~24KB) based a background synthesis report (pdf ~320KB) and an executive summary (pdf ~17KB). The Agenda included presentations made by invited experts and discussions (list of participants) (pdf ~10KB).

The workshop concluded that the valuation of ecosystem damage can be assessed through provisional ranges but with limited policy application and that there is a need for new original studies. The workshop also discussed a possible roadmap for such future work.

November 2007

The final Synthesis report (pdf ~720KB) including the roadmap and the final workshop report (pdf ~80KB) from the consultant.