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The Waste Incineration Directive


Key implementation measures

The WI Directive requires Member States to report to the Commission on their implementation of the Directive. The first reporting period was 2006-2008, for which the reports were due in 2009. The Commission adopted a questionnaire for this reporting exercise.

The WI Directive is only one instrument of Community waste policy. Information is also available on several other Commission measures and documents that are relevant to the waste incineration sector.

In addition, many of the plants that are covered by the WI Directive are also covered by the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive. In these cases, the WI Directive only sets minimum obligations. Meeting these requirements is not necessarily sufficient to comply with the IPPC Directive. Such compliance may involve more stringent emission limit values, emission limit values for other substances and other media, and other appropriate conditions. Details of emissions from waste incineration plants and other industrial sources can be accessed via the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR).

Under the terms of Article 14 of WI Directive, the Commission had to submit a report on the implementation of the Directive to the European Parliament and the Council before the end of 2008. Collection of data and information has been carried out in connection with the IPPC Review through a study investigating the implementation and possible amendments of the WI Directive.

The Commission Communication 'Towards on improved policy on industrial emissions' summarises the main results of the work of the Commission and fulfills the reporting requirement under Article 14 of the WI Directive.

Future developments and contacts

The interaction of the WI and IPPC Directives is considered within the scope of the Industrial Emissions Directive.

For any questions regarding the WI Directive and this site, please contact the Industrial Emissions Unit in DG Environment at the Commission.