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VOC Solvents Directive

printing newspaperGuidance documents on substitution of solvents by other organisations

This page provides guidance documents prepared by other organisations in order to facilitate the exchange of information according to Article 7 of Directive 1999/13/EC.

When considering substituting a solvent with another substance or technique in order to minimise the potential effects on air, water, soil, ecosystems and human health, it is important to address the following questions :

  • Purpose: fitness for use;
  • Health: potential effects on human health and occupational exposure in particular;
  • Environment: potential effects on the environment;
  • Economics: the economic consequences; in particular, the costs and benefits of the options available.

The sectors of solvent-consuming activities under Directive 1999/13/EC to which the guidance documents apply are indicated in the table below. Each sector links to a table containing documents relevant to that activity. Each of the documents address one or more of the above questions, as indicated by ticks in these tables. In addition, some of these documents also contain information on the development of solvent management plans.

For installations falling under Directive 2008/1/EC ("IPPC Directive") the most comprehensive information would be the Reference Document on Best Available Techniques on Surface Treatment using Organic Solvents.

Links to guidance documents per activity

The following documents provide information on various aspects of reducing emissions of solvents. Note that information provided on these external websites does not necessarily reflect the European Commission’s position.

  1. Heatset web offset printing
  2. Publication rotogravure
  3. Other rotogravure, flexography, rotary screen printing, laminating or varnishing units, screen printing on textile/cardboard
  4. Surface cleaning using substances with R40, R45, R46, R49, R60, R61 or R68
  5. Other surface cleaning
  6. Vehicle coating and vehicle refinishing
  7. Coil coating
  8. Other coating, including metal, plastic, textile, fabric, film and paper coating
  9. Winding wire coating
  10. Coating of wooden surfaces
  11. Dry cleaning
  12. Wood impregnation
  13. Coating of leather
  14. Footwear manufacture
  15. Wood and plastic lamination
  16. Adhesive coating
  17. Manufacture of coating preparations varnishes, inks and adhesives
  18. Rubber conversion
  19. Vegetable oil & animal fat extraction and vegetable oil refining activities
  20. Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products
Documents relevant to all sectors or those of general interest not related to a specific sector