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Socio-economic assessment

Cost Benefit Analysis for air pollution policies

As part of the Clean Air for Europe (CAFE) programme a Cost Benefit Analysis model called “CAFE-CBA” was developed as a a support-tool for decision-makers. The model helps to assess and compare the benefits and costs of various policy options for improving air quality within the EU. The tool assesses the state of the environment in 2000 and 2020, and looks at the benefits of current policies over this period. Results are presented for the following effects:

  • Effects on human health (mortality and illness);
  • Effects on infrastructure materials (buildings);
  • Growth in crops;
  • Changes in ecosystems (freshwater and terrestrial, including forests).

The analysis is based on both economic valuation for those effects where it is possible. For other important effects of air pollution, such as ecosystems and cultural heritage, no economic valuation is carried out.

For more information visit the Clean Air for Europe website or the CAFE-CBA website.