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Transport & Environment

Renewable Fuels

Transport is today fuelled to a very large extent by oil. This situation has implications for energy policy, but it is also of great relevance from an environmental perspective, notably in view of climate change. Action has been seen on the topic of alternative fuels in general and on biofuels specifically. The long-term vision of hydrogen as an energy carrier is being pursued following the work of a high-level group on hydrogen and fuel cells.

Study on renewable fuels

From an environmental perspective, it is important to bear in mind that it is not enough to seek 'alternative' fuels - if we are to move towards a sustainable transport system, these fuels must ultimately come from renewable sources. DG Environment has sponsored a study on renewable fuels for cross border transportation  in the EU. This study looks at the potential of producing such fuels within the boundaries of the EU, at the costs and at the environmental impacts involved in doing so. The study looks at a wide range of options and selects a few for in-depth study and conceivable introduction strategies.