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EU focus on clean air

Some topics are of particular concern to many European citizens. One of these is air quality. This is also one of the areas in which Europe has been most active in recent years. The European Commission has aimed to develop an overall strategy. Member States are required to transpose and implement new directives on air quality which set long-term quality objectives. But it is also our direct responsibility to cope with this problem, changing our day by day behaviour. Let's leave the car in the garage in favour of walking, biking or using public transport whenever possible! Only then will our cities become a better place to live in.

Like the availability of capital, manpower, or transport infrastructure, the quality of air is likely to become a determining factor in the location of investment and therefore economic growth of a region. The way in which not only cities, but also companies, organise their transport systems will become, without any doubt, one of the major priorities of years to come.

How to inform citizens on air quality? European legislation defines precise obligations, relating to informing the public in the event of significant pollution such as ozone exceedances of recent years. Each one of us has the right to demand national and local authorities to take action to improve our air quality.

The European air strategy is addressed in this document. It is intended to inform local and regional players, NGOs, policy-makers at all levels, social partners and consumers, as well as citizens. We also hope this information will give you ideas about how you can make your own particular contribution towards resolving environmental problems.

EU focus on clean air is available in PDF format by clicking the language icons below.


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