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Background information

Ambient Air Quality

  • The results of two case studies about the effect of emission control scenarios on the local scale: the report (pdf ~500K) of a model simulation of the case of Stuttgart (Germany) and Athens (Greece) by a consortium led by the University of Thessaloniki and the the brief model study (pdf ~140K) on the situation at the East Spanish coast around Valencia by the Joint Research Centre of the Commission.

Air Quality Framework Directive

  • Reporting Questionnaire on Directive 96/62/EC on ambient air quality assessment and management and Directive 1999/30/EC relating to limit values for sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and oxides of nitrogen, particulate matter and lead in ambient air.(OJ L 319, 4 Dec 2001 p.45, corrected by OJ L 12, 15 Jan 2002 p.70)

  • Guidance to Member States on PM10 monitoring and intercomparisons with the reference method enes (pdf  ~370Kb)

Daughter Directives


Stationary Source Emissions

Large Combustion Plants

Waste Incineration Plants


VOC Stage I

Sulphur content of liquid fuels

A Commission Proposal to amend Directive 98/70/EC together along with the related cost benefit analysis can be found below.

Contributions to the sulphur consultation exercise were synthesised and reviewed by a panel of independent experts and the findings of this exercise can be found below.



Establishment of national emission ceilings for acidification and eutrophication


Road vehicles

Automotive fuel quality

Pollutant emissions from ships

Informing policy development - studies for the Commission 2000-2003

Evaluation of the Feasibility of Alternative Market-Based Mechanisms to Promote Low-Emission Shipping in European Union Sea Areas. A report for the Commission by NERA Economic Consulting (National Economic Research Associates)(pdf~300K)

Advice on Marine Fuels - potential price premium for 0.5% S marine fuels; particular issues facing fuel producers in different parts of the EU; and commentary on marine fuels market. A report for the Commission by Beicip Franlab (pdf~500K)

Final report from Entec UK Ltd for the European Commission "Quantification of emissions from ships associated with ship movements between ports in the European Community"  
Part 1:
Executive Summary/ Contents/Chapter 1 Introduction  (pdf ~990K)
Part 2:
Chapter 2 Quantification of ship emissions (pdf ~2000K)
Part 3:
Chapter 3 Market survey of marine distillates with 0.2% sulphur content/ Chapter 4 Feasibility of ships storing multiple grades of marine distillates/ Appendices (pdf ~2000K)

Preliminary advice from EMEP for the European Commission "The influence of ship traffic emissions on air concentrations of particulate matter" (pdf ~500K) NB This does not incorporate in-port PM emissions figures from the above quantification study.

Advice on the costs to fuel producers and price premia likely to result from a reduction in the level of sulphur in marine fuels marketed in the EU. A report for the Commission by Beicip Franlab (pdf ~270K)

The estimation of ship emissions in the Mediterranean Sea. A report prepared by Lloyds (pdf ~620K)

Measures to Reduce Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds during Loading and Unloading of Ships in the EU (pdf ~1,000K)

Study on the Economic, Legal, Environmental and Practical Implications of a European Union System to Reduce Ship Emissions of SO2 and NOx, BMT report No. 3623.

Useful links

6th Framework Programme

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