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Implementation of the National Emission Ceilings Directive

The substantive objective of the directive is to reach the national ceilings by 2010 and in later years (Article 4). In addition the directive requires the Member States to draft and report National Programmes and to report emissions and projections to the Commission and the European Environment Agency. These additional obligations serve as important measures to be taken by Member States to ensure that the ceilings are met by 2010.

National Programmes (List of all national programmes)

The directive requires Member States to draw up twice a National Programme which includes information on adopted and envisaged policies and measures and quantified estimates of their effects on the emissions in 2010. The first year for drawing up National Programmes was 2002. The reports of the EU-15 Member States can be found on the National Programmes webpage. The National Programmes for 2002 were analysed and evaluated by an external contractor. The reports are available on the National Emission Ceilings review webpage.

For the second round of national programmes Member States were to send their updated National Programme to the Commission by the end of 2006. In order to enhance comparability of the reports of the Member States, Member States were requested to base their programmes on the "Recommendations on developing and reporting National Programmes under the National Emission Ceilings Directive". The recommendations have been drawn up by the Working Group on Implementation of the CAFE-programme.

Also the updated national programmes were evaluated in the Evaluation of 2006 National Programmes and the results will form a basis for the revision of the NEC Directive.

Reporting of emission inventories and projections

Based on the provisions of the Directive, Member States are obliged to report each year their national emission inventories and projections for 2010 to the European Commission and the European Environment Agency (EIONET Central Data Repository). The EEA regularly publish the NEC Directive status report based on the reporting by Member States (latest report No 10/2010).

That reporting has to be based on the EMEP/EEA Emission Inventory Guidebook. The EMEP/Corinair Guidebook is presently restructured and updated. A draft revised version of the EMEP/EEA handbook is now available and expected to be adopted in spring 2009.