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Evaluation of 2006 National Programmes under NEC Directive

The 2006 Member States reports on National Programmes are made available to other Member States according to Article 8.3 of the NEC directive, and the reports are posted on the National Programmes webpage. In addition, the European Commission, in co-operation with the European Environment Agency, evaluates and reviews the national reports on programmes in light of the revision of the NEC directive and prepares for a report to the Council and European Parliament in 2008.

A contract to support the evaluation and review has been set up with a consultant (AEA Technology) (Technical annex and tender for service).

March 2008

The final reports (Main report, Consistency analysis (appendix G), Country profiles (appendix H) and the Synthesis report are now available (March 2008).

Responsible for the webpage: André Zuber.