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Conference on Air Pollutant and Greenhouse Gas Emission Projections for 2020

Friday 29 September 2006
Hendrik Conscience building
Room "Hadewych", Koning Albert II laan 15

Purpose: The conference will give stakeholders insight in recently established energy and climate change baselines and the corresponding projections for air pollution up to 2020. The conference also focuses on how the abatement of classic air pollutants and greenhouse gases are linked. Participants will be informed how this information will be used as a starting point for the calculation of new national emission ceilings for 2020. However, these projections are and will be used further in other policy contexts as well.

Organization: DG Environment, Unit C1, C2 and C5. Contact for more information: Eduard Dame, tel: +322997725

Participation:The workshop is open to up to 200 participants representing the different stakeholders. It is envisaged that about half of participants would come from EU Member States. The rest will be representatives from industry, non-governmental organizations and academia.

No fees are required for participation. Participants have to register in advance. Some funds exist for covering the costs of key speakers and key participants. DG Environment will reimburse travel expenses for one national representative per Member State according to the standard rules.