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Clean Air Outlook

The Clean Air Programme for Europe envisages a regular update of the impact assessment analysis, to track progress towards the objectives of the Directive and to serve as input into the regular Clean Air Forum.

The final version of the first Clean Air Outlook is now available, based on the finally agreed objectives of the co-legislators and the latest data on emissions and concentrations.

Four supporting reports from the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis accompany the Outlook:

  • An overview report containing much of the underlying analysis on which the Outlook is based
  • An economic report summarizing the cost-benefits analysis of the above
  • A report on measures to address air pollution from agriculture
  • A report on measures to address air pollution from small combustion sources

Among the updates which are reflected in the Outlook are:

  • The new PRIMES 2016 reference scenario and any developments in the CAPRI and TREMOVE modelling frameworks;
  • The impacts of the Climate and Energy Policy as finally proposed by the Commission;
  • The impacts of a number of recently adopted source control measures, in particular the Eco-design provisions for stoves and boilers, the Medium Combustion Plants Directive, the comitology provisions for Euro 6, the Non-Road Mobile Machinery Directive and new BAT conclusions under the Industrial Emissions Directive;
  • Recent improvements and recalculations of reported historic emissions by MS, in particular for the base year 2005.

The Clean Air Programme envisages a full progress review of the programme objectives by 2020. Article 11 of the NECD also envisages the first NECD report by 2020, covering progress towards the reduction commitments and the health and environmental objectives, additional measures needed to meet the objectives, and other issues. The next Clean Air Outlook is thus scheduled for 2020 in order to fulfil these obligations and reflects on the analysis of the National Air Pollution Control Programs due by April 2019.