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Find here the latest videos produced by DG Enterprise and Industry to communicate about its activities and campaigns. Previous videos are on this page.

For live webcasts from our events and conferences, visit the European Commission's Webcast portal.

More video material is available on the European Commission's Audiovisual service page dedicated to Industry and Entrepreneurhsip.

You can also find some of our videos in the EU channel on Youtube (EUtube).

  • GMES, observing our planet for a safer world


    The European Earth Monitoring Programme is becoming operational. Explore the inputs GMES is providing.

  • New European satellite navigation service increases aviation safety


    Egnos Safety-of-Life Service for aviation enables precision approaches, rendering air navigation safer.

  • Life is easy when one solution satisfies all

    The common charger

    Sometimes even an unconventional solution can make everyone happy, if its aim is to make life easier for all. The European Commission made life easier...

  • The common charger

    The common charger

    Thanks to the EU Commission, Europe's major mobile phone manufacturers have now agreed to adopt a universal charger for data-enabled mobile phones sold in the EU and as of 2011 you will only need one charger for all.

  • Space exploration

    Space exploration

    Space exploration is an important issue for mankind's future, and the collaboration between countries is the best way to progress in this field and confront the challenges we are faced with at present.

  • Securing the Future

    Explore the challenges of security and the perspectives of related research projects funded by the European Commission

    Explore the challenges of security and the perspectives of related research projects funded by the European Commission

  • Switching Europe ON

    Switching Europe ON

    Electrical appliances are all around us, making our lives a lot easier. The European Commission works to accomplish their highest standards of safety, guarantying at the same time their free circulation in the EU.

  • Transform metal, transform life, engineer the future

    Transform metal

    Discover interesting and surprising career opportunities in the Metalworking and Metal Articles industry offering a dynamic, innovative and future-oriented working environment.

  • Green profits for your enterprise

    Green profits for your enterprise

    A busy SME owner discovers how to increase his profits through good environmental practices, in particular energy savings.

  • The Electric car

    The Electric car

    The electric car - a green transport revolution in the making? © European Environment Agency (EEA).

  • GNSS Applications

    GNSS Applications

    Are you ready to exploit the potential of applications based on EGNOS and Galileo global satellite navigation systems?

  • Make your move

    Make your move

    An entrepreneur finds support for her ideas from the Enterprise Europe Network, the world's largest network connecting business to Europe.


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