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 The notification procedure.

The notification form

A proposed technical regulation or conformity assessment procedure is announced by sending the WTO Secretariat a standard notification form. It is very important that the form is filled in accurately and completely as this is the only document sent by the notifying Member and provided to the public on the WTO's site.

Document G/TBT/1/Rev. 8 of 23 May 2002 containing all the decisions and recommendations adopted by the TBT Committee since 1 January 1995 includes detailed explanations regarding the data to be entered in the form.

Firstly, the following must be indicated: the notifying Member and, where applicable, the local government involved, the body responsible for elaborating the proposal or for managing the notification procedure, the legal basis in the TBT Agreement under which the notification is made, allowing the nature of the announced measure to be identified, particularly whether this involves a technical regulation or conformity assessment procedure, and the stage at which the text is being announced, particularly as to whether this involves a proposal or a text already adopted due to urgent problems.

Secondly, the notifying Member must provide information on the content of the announced text to allow other Members to the Agreement to make an initial assessment of this and to determine whether, if applicable, the notifying Member should be asked for a copy of the text. It is therefore recommended that not only the scope of the proposal is indicated, namely the products covered, but also that the content, objectives and rationale should be specified. With regard to texts announced under the urgency procedure, the reasons invoked for the urgency should also be indicated.

It is recommended that no sections are left blank. Where necessary, "not known" or "not stated" should be indicated.

Finally, the following should be indicated: the documents relevant to the notification, for example the basic documents to which the proposal refers, the proposed date of adoption and entry into force of the text, the final date for comments by other Members and the body from which the text can be obtained.


Article 1.6 of the Agreement stipulates that "All references in this Agreement to technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures shall be construed to include any amendments thereto and any additions to the rules or the product coverage thereof, except amendments and additions of an insignificant nature." In terms of the notification procedure, this means that any substantial amendment to a previously announced proposed technical regulation or conformity assessment procedure should in turn be announced.

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