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Woodworking industries

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The EU wood product manufacturing industries or woodworking industries include the production of sawnwood, wood-based panels and other wooden products, such as joinery and carpentry materials, containers and other wooden packaging and other wooden articles. Although most wood in the EU is used in construction and is not always immediately apparent in our daily lives, wooden products do play an important role in everyday living.

In 2006 the woodworking industries had a turnover of €134 billion and an added value of €37.2 billion, employing 1.27 million people in 197,000 firms. Most companies are small or medium-sized. The only exceptions to this are the wood-based panel sub-sector and a handful of sawmills having large enterprises. There are also many more full-time and part-time jobs in micro-enterprises, which are not counted in the official statistics.

Around 90% of the woodworking industries' wood raw material comes from sustainable EU forests; the rest is imported. As society's concern about global deforestation and forest degradation (see section on sustainable forests), emerging EU legislation should ensure that all sources of wood and wood products come from verifiably legal sources. Wood products offer one of the most sustainable arrays of construction and consumer products. In terms of lifestyle and design, wood has many advantages over other materials.

The Confederation of European Woodworking Industries has produced "Road Map 2010", identifying actions to promote the wider use of wood.

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