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Improving communication in the printing sector

Printers, together with other sectors in the paper value chain, are under constant pressure from the development of new media such as the internet, e-papers and mobile communications. Efforts to promote paper as a sustainable and commercially effective media are ongoing. More and more printers are integrating multimedia communication services in order to widen their product range and attract new employees.


PrintSells was a unique effort by the United Print Chain to promote the use of high quality print across Europe. It launched its first ever pan-European campaign across 13 key markets in October 2007 called, "Print. Your brand in their hands."

Behind the initiative stands Cepifine, the European Federation of Fine Paper Producers, supported by the entire printing chain:

  • printing associations;
  • printing machine builders;
  • ink manufacturers;
  • publishing companies;
  • postal organisations and of course
  • the paper companies themselves.

"Print. Your brand in their hands." actively supported the use of print to grow a company's brand via four established media channels:

  • Direct Mail;
  • Magazines;
  • In-Store Communications;
  • Corporate Communications.

Four brochures were produced as testimony to the valuable role of print in each respective media category. They contain eye-catching statements supported by high profile award-winning case studies to add weight to the case that print is the optimum medium in which to invest in order to communicate and build direct relationships with customers.

You will find more information on the PrintSells campaign and the organisations behind it, on the PrintSells website .

Why work with the European printing industry?

"By choosing a European printing company, print buyers are demonstrating that they are aware of the need to protect the environment and they can be certain that the working conditions in those companies are just and fair, an important principle for our society", states the introduction to the brochure [798 KB] "Why work with the European Printing Industry?", created by Intergraf, in cooperation with its members.

The brochure aims to inform print buyers and the general public of the characteristics of different production processes in printing and the constraints under which printers operate.

It gives a comprehensive overview of the processes in the print chain, from raw materials to print finishing and recycling, including print processes such as offset, gravure printing and digital printing.

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