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Wood, Paper, Printing

Action Plan drawn up in cooperation with the European Commission and Intergraf

Action Plan for the Graphics Industry in co-operation with the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission and Intergraf

This European Action Plan concludes the 2007 study on the competitiveness of the printing sector.

  1. Monitoring the adaptation of the European printing industry to global market challenges
  • Ensure a culture of partnership within the sector
    • develop tools to encourage the formation of groups or alliances as a counterweight to suppliers, customers or agencies
    • develop production alliances as alternatives to investment
    • develop partnerships with the chain of complementary services (paper, publishing, advertising industry)
    • organise regular meetings of emerging EU leaders in the field of print
    • work with the Enterprise Europe Network of the European Commission where possible
  • Manage production costs, in particular:
    • promoting best practice in management and operational performance: flexibility, customer proximity, tool optimisation (lean management, workflow optimisation, etc.)
    • targeted investment without excess capacity
    • save energy and raw materials
    • purchase energy contracts
  • Monitor the economic flows with CHINA
    • monitor border control to assess whether it can be guaranteed that printed products imported into the EU comply with European standards and legislation
    • ensure the work of market surveillance authorities is carried out at national level in order to guarantee that no toxic components are contained in imported printed products
    • project with Vienna University on the examination of printed products imported from China
    • better information on social and tax issues in China
    • apply legislation to fight against counterfeits and ensure that European manufacturers guarantee their copyright in Asia
  • Economic forecast
    • report on the economic and technical development of the graphics sector, including the forecast for the 2 next years
  1. Develop value-added services to find a new basis for growth
  • adopt a service-oriented approach to meet customer needs
  • integrate new marketing, design and sales management skills, along with strategic planning
  • find new sources of growth, especially via multimedia communication, electronic documents, etc.
    • odevelop activities related to the 'carbon footprint' phenomenon
    • odevelop less energy-intensive equipment and guidelines for printers
  1. Invest in human resources and develop new skills for the industry
  • Future needs in terms of skills for the industry
    • follow up the European study launched by DG Employment on future skills needed in the printing industry
    • exchange best practice between national associations
  • Ensure the availability of appropriate training for printers
    • training in management (strategic planning, etc.)
    • integration of new skills in sales, marketing, design, etc.
  • Promote co-operation with all stakeholders at European and national level
    • odevelop activities related to the 'carbon footprint' phenomenon
    • odevelop less energy-intensive equipment and guidelines for printers
  1. Stronger European base within the industry
  • Standardisation
    • creation and promotion of a "printing standards network - ISO 12647 compliant"
  • Environment, energy and corporate social responsibility
    • odevelop activities related to the 'carbon footprint' phenomenon
    • odevelop less energy-intensive equipment and guidelines for printers
  • Intensify actions towards greater harmonisation of EU rules and the reduction of distortion factors
  1. Coordinated increase in research and innovation
  • Research & Development
    • close association with the FBI technological platform as part of the 7th framework programme
  • Innovation
    • Set up a Research and Innovation Network at EU level with IARIGAI
  1. Improving the image of the printing industry
  • Information
    • information on the importance of different media for advertising
    • provide information on future markets and technologies such as the development of e-papers and the internet
  • Communication
    • co-operation with other stakeholders in the print value chain
    • proximity actions, organisation of local economics events
    • promotion campaign
    • events

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