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Expert Group on Forest-based Industries and Sectorally Related Issues

The Expert Group on Forest-based Industries and Sectorally Related Issues was set up by Commission Decision on 27/06/2014.

This expert group replaces the old Advisory Committee on Community Policy regarding Forestry Policy and the Forestry-based industries, established in 1983, which was last revised in 1997 and last met in 2012. The new group is not only updated but radically broadened in its structure.

With a maximum of 24 members in addition to those of the EU Member States, the Expert Group thus includes representatives of: the EU forest-based industries (woodworking; furniture; pulp & paper; printing), other sectorally relevant bodies, including: trades unions; bio-energy, and research; and civil society.

The Expert Group is chaired by the Commission and has the following tasks:

  • providing the Commission with expert advice for the development, implementation and monitoring of EU policy and legislation affecting the sector;
  • establishing co-operation between sectoral bodies, the Member States and the Commission;
  • exchanging experiences and good practices within the forest-based industries sector.

Specifically, the Expert Group helps the Commission oversee the activities announced in the EU Forest Strategy and its accompanying “Blueprint for the EU Forest-based Industries” (SWD (2013) 343), such as: the cumulative cost assessment of EU legislation and policies affecting the EU forest-based industries; developing good practice guidance on the sustainable mobilisation of wood, and encouraging the cascading use of wood.

For these purposes, the Expert Group may also designate individual experts and set up sub-groups (on specific subjects), whose members may include or not, as appropriate, the Member States.

For transparency, details of the group’s membership and activities, including meeting agendas and reports, are also published on the Commission’s Register of Expert Groups.


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