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Wood, Paper, Printing

Innovative and sustainable forest-based industries in the EU

The Communication on Innovative and Sustainable Forest-based Industries in the EU was adopted on 27 February 2008. It addresses the challenges these industries face in the form of a 19-point action plan.

The challenges faced by the forest-based industries include innovation, increased global competition, access to third-country markets, climate change and high energy and transport costs. Moreover, the access and availability of both virgin and recovered raw material at competitive prices and the strategic role of these industries in limiting the impacts of climate change are issues that need to be addressed specifically. The SME dimension is especially relevant, in particular in the woodworking and printing sectors.

The Commission is proposing major policy guidelines which lay the foundations for a coherent approach towards strengthening the competitive position of forest-based industries in Europe, while incorporating climate change objectives into the industrial strategy.

The proposals have been subject to a public consultation and reviewed by the Advisory Committee on Community Policy regarding Forestry and Forest-based industries.

Implementation of the Action Plan "innovative and sustainable forest-based industries"

Collaboration with stakeholders and Member States on the implementation of the actions will be channelled mainly through the Advisory Committee on Community Policy regarding Forestry and Forest-based Industries.

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