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Wood, Paper, Printing

Climate change and energy

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Forests and forest-based industries have a strategic role to play in climate change mitigation. This role now needs to be strengthened in various ways.

A sustainable and efficient forestry policy strengthens the role of forests in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, paper and wood products provide additional storage for carbon removed by forests and increased paper and wood recycling, rather than landfilling, increases the capacity of wood products for retaining carbon.

Today, and increasingly so in future, forest-based industries will play an important role as providers of heat and electricity and producers of wood-based biofuels, contributing to the more efficient use of wood both for energy and forest products.

The growing demand for renewable energy leads to increased competition for wood, especially in the wood panel and pulp sectors. Increased demand is not always matched by a corresponding increase in supply, leading to higher costs.

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