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Advisory Committee on Forest-based Industries

Wooden puzzle © Gautier Willaume -

The Advisory Committee on Community Policy regarding Forestry and Forest-based Industries (FBI Committee) was set up in 1983.

The Committee includes representatives from the forestry sector and the woodworking, pulp and paper, printing and publishing industries. It has 23 members. The European Commission is the chairperson of the Committee. Members are nominated by the governments of the EU Member States. The FBI Committee has a three-fold role:

  • it acts as an advisory committee on matters concerning the industrial aspects of Community policies affecting forest-based industries and forestry as well as on matters concerning the market and other economic considerations affecting forest products in the Community;
  • it is also an ad-hoc consultation forum which provides expertise in connection with the development of forest-related measures as part of various Community policies;
  • it provides a venue for the exchange of information among stakeholders from the forest-based sector and between stakeholders and the Commission.

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