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Welcome to the European Tourism Business Portal


"Digital literacy is the key SMEs are to succeed on the global marketplace. They must maximise the value provided for travellers´money by delivering top-quality and sustainable services, but also being responsive to the lastest technological developments. The European Commission is at the front line of facilitating the access of tourism entrepreneurs to modern information technologies and innovative business practices. The Tourism Business Portal is a powerful tool supporting the industry´s competitiveness."

Tourism Business Portal offers contents that have been created specifically for European tourism companies, links to official websites and examples of good practices. These are provided with the objective of contributing to the improvement of the management of the tourism company.

Practical, up to date, free material that is accessible in various formats for easy consultation. 

Access to digital brochure.

Portal structure

From the homepage, you have access to all the sections. You will find the following features and content:


Build your business

Articles with up to date information on all the stages of managing a tourism company are available. These articles include links to information of interest and case studies. Key points for internationalisation and adapting to new technologies for information and communication are also included.

Tools & tutorials

  • Short and practical video tutorials are provided. These videos are accompanied by the text in PDF documents and exercises on key aspects for managing a tourism company, such as: online commercialisation, online positioning, internal management and energy efficiency.

  • Online tools to optimise the daily management processes in tourism companies - from human resources to investment.

Get involved 

Send your suggestions and comments for the improvement of the portal. We want to know your requirements.


The latest developments and business opportunities in the sector. These include job offers, events, meetings, training, etc.

Useful links

Links to the most important organizations in the European tourism sector are included as well as access to the most interesting sources of information for tourism in Europe, and in general.

We listen to you

We look forward to hearing from you. Tell us about the topics that interest you. Send us new examples and case studies. We want to know your opinion. With the help of your experiences, we can improve the contents and sections in the portal. We are always thinking about what tourism companies need.

Are you an expert in an area of European tourism? Do you want to share your knowledge with your colleagues in the sector? Write to us

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