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What type of material is available on the portal?

The portal content deals with tourism business management. The material is divided into the following formats:

  • Informative articles that deal with business management. These articles can be found in the “Build your business” section
  • Tutorials that deal with topics in the tourism sector. These tutorials can be found in the “Tools & tutorials” section
  • Tools to facilitate different day to day activities in your tourism company. The tools are free to use. These tools can be found in the “Tools & tutorials” section
  • A list of interesting links for the tourism business sector. These links can be found in the “Useful links” section
  • News and training, business and job opportunities from the European tourism sector. These can be found in the “Opportunities” section
How can I find out more about the operation and functionality of the portal?

In the “Get involved” section, the purpose of the portal and a description of each of the sections are given. You can access this section from the main navigation bar and from the section on the carrousel (on the home page) called “Welcome to the European Tourism Business Portal”.

On the homepage, you will find an introductory video that provides a guided tour of the whole portal.

How can I discover what material is available on the portal?

There is an index of all the articles, tutorials and tools in the section called “All topics” located on the main navigation bar on the homepage.

If you want to access the material by subsections, you can do so by moving the mouse over the button “Build your business” or “Tools & tutorials”, etc. All the subsections from these options drop down and you can access the material from each section by clicking on the desired option.

Can I give my opinion and propose new material?

Yes. In the “Get involved” section, there is a short form that you can fill in with your opinion about the content. You can also propose new topics that should be included on the portal.

In the same way, in the “Public Assistance Programmes” section, you can propose existing public programmes for the tourism sector in any EU country that have not been taken into account in the section.

How do I know which are the most up to date materials?

The articles, tutorials and tools within each subsection are ordered from newest to oldest.

In addition, on the carrousel on the homepage, direct links are included to the newest materials.

You can also sign up to receive updates about the content on the portal.


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