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European Tourism Quality Principles

tourism officeThe high quality of tourism services in Europe makes tourism here attractive and constitutes a competitive advantage.

On 20 February 2014 the European Commission proposed a set of voluntary European Tourism Quality Principles [86 KB] to help tourism service providers promote the quality of their services and strengthen consumer confidence.

This should help boost tourism flows in Europe, for the benefit of the industry and the overall EU economy. Ultimately, it should also help Europe remain competitive in comparison with new destinations.

The initiative is intended to:

  • help tourism service providers, for example hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and other organisations, that decide to follow these principles.
    The overall objective is to help them promote the quality of their service, even beyond their usual markets. This will be done by raising global awareness about the EU Principles both within and particularly, outside Europe.
  • highlight the quality of tourism services to consumers, particularly to those travelling outside their own country or visiting from outside Europe. Consumers will be reassured that, if a tourism service provider abides by the EU Principles, it will provide quality services, regardless of which EU country is concerned.

The principles  focus on 4 main areas of tourism service quality:

  • employee training
  • consumer satisfaction policy
  • cleaning and maintenance
  • information provided to tourists


  • European Parliament resolution on a renewed EU tourismpolicy (2007) invites the European hospitality industry to set up quality-management schemes and a sustainable labelling process.
  • Report  [29 KB] - Open Conference of 25 January 2012
  • Study  [3.3 MB] - on the estimated impacts, possible options and legal instruments of the umbrella European tourism label for quality schemes.

Proposal for a Council Recommendation on European Tourism Quality Principles

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